Born in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, Debesh has been working in the field of theatre for the last thirty three years. He is the founder and director of “Sansriti”. He has directed over 40 plays in Bengali. “Winkle Twinkle”, “Devi Sarpomasta”, “Phataru”, “Saudagorer Nouka” are milestone productions on the Bengali Stage directed by Debesh.

Not only proscenium, but he has also directed plays for intimate and site-specific theatre. He is a well acclaimed theatre academic and expert, and has completed a senior fellowship on “Cognitive Neuroscience and Theatre”. He has written several books on theatre. “The Week” magazine felicitated him as one of the ‘Fifty emerging stars of India’ in 2003. Debesh has been honoured by Paschimbanga Natya  Academy (Govt. of W.B.) as “Best Director” twice. Recipient  of many awards  Debesh directed his first feature film “Natoker Moto: like a play” in 2015. It was included in International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa in the Indian Panorama and, International Competition Section. Film Critic Circle of India (FCCI) honoured him as best debut director of 2015 for the film. Currently he is working on “Natyashastra”.



The first seminar organised by Sansriti in the year 2000,August 26.The seminar was about ‘Time Organisation and Theatre’ which took place at Bangla Academy on 26th August. The seminar was co-ordinated by Debashis Majumder and eminent theatre personalities like Bibhas Chakraborty, Kumar Roy and Meghnad Bhattacharya took part in this seminar. It proved as the most successful one.The next was in the year 2001,April 23.Sansriti, in association with Natanandan of Bangladesh organised a seminar on renowned actress and drama director Usha Ganguly on 30 years of her acting life.It was a face to face evening with usha at Bangla Academy. She narrated her experiences spreading over 30 years of acting career, her childhood, her tribute to the legends, appearance in theatre, foundation of the group “Rangakarmee” and several other unknown facts. The listeners also got an opportunity to wash their blues by asking questions directly to Usha.The seminar organised again in the year 2001 by Sansriti was on a very important subject. It was on the 'conventional education and children's theatre'. The seminar took place in Girish Mancha, Kolkata on 1st September, 2001. It was inaugurated by Sri Tapas Sen. Sri Bishnu Basu, Sri Soumitra Basu and Sri Pradip Bhatacharjee shared their experiences of theatre which could glow the subject from a different aspect.The problems in children, their educational burdens and their hunger for something funny and amusing like theatre were beautifully clarified and exemplified by child psychiatrist Dr. Mohit Ranadip. The team of the experts explained the need of theatre for children in such a fine way that it became an exceptional seminar in the field of theatre.


------ REVIEWSApril 26, 2001 :Times of India : Usha on the face : It was a face to face evening with the renowned drama director USHA GANGULY on monday at Bangla Academy. Sansriti organised this evening.