Born in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, Debesh has been working in the field of theatre for the last thirty three years. He is the founder and director of “Sansriti”. He has directed over 40 plays in Bengali. “Winkle Twinkle”, “Devi Sarpomasta”, “Phataru”, “Saudagorer Nouka” are milestone productions on the Bengali Stage directed by Debesh.

Not only proscenium, but he has also directed plays for intimate and site-specific theatre. He is a well acclaimed theatre academic and expert, and has completed a senior fellowship on “Cognitive Neuroscience and Theatre”. He has written several books on theatre. “The Week” magazine felicitated him as one of the ‘Fifty emerging stars of India’ in 2003. Debesh has been honoured by Paschimbanga Natya  Academy (Govt. of W.B.) as “Best Director” twice. Recipient  of many awards  Debesh directed his first feature film “Natoker Moto: like a play” in 2015. It was included in International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa in the Indian Panorama and, International Competition Section. Film Critic Circle of India (FCCI) honoured him as best debut director of 2015 for the film. Currently he is working on “Natyashastra”.



First Show :

17th July, 2002

Venue : Academy of Fine Arts

January 1976, political prisoner Sabyasachi Sen who was in police custody vanished into thin air from a part in Kolkata. Like Rip Van Winkle he returned in the same park in 2002. Everything has changed since then. Old man-Old time tries to face new one.

Indra, son of Sabyasachi belongs to a political party which is just opposite to his father’s party. Sabyasachi’s daughter Indrani, a happy-go like girl is totally reluctant to her surroundings,and Rajlakshmi, his wife tries to live the rest of our life with old memories as beiefs as her only treasures.

The fantasy of contradictions between Sabyasachi and hais family members his present surroundings, infact, explores the dialectics of reality.

Off Stage

-------------------- Set Design                 :               Sanchayan Ghosh

--------------------------- Music                 :               Tapan Sinha

------------ Music Operation                 :               Aninda Nandi

---------------------------- Light                 :               Sudip Sanyal

----------------------- Make-up                 :               Panchanan Manna

-------------------- Playwright                 :               Bratya Basu

---------------------- Direction                 :               Debesh Chattopadhyay

On Stage

------------------- Sabyasachi                 :               Debshankar Halder

---------------------------- Indra                 :               Rajatabha Dutta

--------------------------- Rajen                 :               Shyamal Chakraborty

--------------------------- Sanat                 :               Ranajit Chakraborty

--------------------------- Stalin                 :               Asit Basu

------------------ Mad Person                 :               Ashish Das

-------------------------- Father                 :               Jayanta Ghosh

------------------------- Ranjan                 :               Pradip Bhattacharya

----------------------- Tonmoy                 :               Aakash Dasgupta

----------------------------- Arijit                 :               Jayanta Ghosh

----------------- Cameraman                 :               Abhishek Chakraborty

-------------------- Manabesh                 :               Digonto Banerjee

------------------------- Kabirul                 :               Tapan Mukherjee

--------- Junior Sabyasachi                 :               Avik Bhattacharya

----------------------- Persons                 :               Sanjay Pramanik

-----------------------------------                                 Tonmoy Roy                                                                       

-------------- Anirban halder

------------------------- Indrani                 :               Monalisa Chatterjee

-------------------- Shramana                 :               Papiya Banerjee

----------------------------- Bithi                 :               Kasturi Chattopadhyay

                                Rajlakshmi            :               Rumki Chatterjee


Wake-up call  : India Today :

November 25, 2002

But the play has the audience raving since none has kept it spellbound and made it wonder if the workers paradise was round the corner since Utpal Dutta’s Kallol, a Battleship Potemkin re-visited and teer, a naxalite saga, in the 1960s. The difference is Winkle Twinkle put as a question mark on the paradise. Is it lost? can it be regained?

Hindustan Times :

Swatilekha Sengupta

Debesh Chattopadhyay, the young director of ‘Winkle Twinkle’ is very promising. Debesh has worked hard with statwarths of theatre. Well done Debesh !

The Statesman :

October 11, 2002

Sansriti has presented calcutta with a rare theatrical experience. Its current production Winkle Twinkle is ‘group theatre’ in the true sense. The entire effort is contribution of a playwright, performer, set designers from other theatre groups.

The Times of India :

November 12,2002

Trust a play in this city to speak of ‘horne-truths’. Communists, both old and new, have been making a bee-line here to watch Winkle Twinkle, a political play running to full house.

Outlook :

November 25, 2002

As such Winkle Twinkle is something of a rousing revival of Bengali Theatre. The play takes in its critical stride politicians, the media as well as the common men. Most talked about Bengali play of the Year.