Born in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, Debesh has been working in the field of theatre for the last thirty three years. He is the founder and director of “Sansriti”. He has directed over 40 plays in Bengali. “Winkle Twinkle”, “Devi Sarpomasta”, “Phataru”, “Saudagorer Nouka” are milestone productions on the Bengali Stage directed by Debesh.

Not only proscenium, but he has also directed plays for intimate and site-specific theatre. He is a well acclaimed theatre academic and expert, and has completed a senior fellowship on “Cognitive Neuroscience and Theatre”. He has written several books on theatre. “The Week” magazine felicitated him as one of the ‘Fifty emerging stars of India’ in 2003. Debesh has been honoured by Paschimbanga Natya  Academy (Govt. of W.B.) as “Best Director” twice. Recipient  of many awards  Debesh directed his first feature film “Natoker Moto: like a play” in 2015. It was included in International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa in the Indian Panorama and, International Competition Section. Film Critic Circle of India (FCCI) honoured him as best debut director of 2015 for the film. Currently he is working on “Natyashastra”.



"Chand Manasar Kissa" on 25th August, 2018 | Academy of Fine Arts | From 6:30pm. onwards | For tickets, call : 9836133188     "Tughlaq" on 26th August, 2018 | Girish Mancha | From 6:30pm. onwards | For tickets, call : 9836133188     "Chand Manasar Kissa" on 29th July, 2018 | Minerva Theatre | From 6:30pm. onwards | For details, call - 9836133188     "Soudagorer Nouka" on 25th August, 2018 | Academy of Fine Arts | At 3:00pm | For details, call : 9836133188     

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  Mangal Kavyas are  group of Bengali Hindu religious texts, composed more or less between 13th Centure and 18th Century, notably consisting of narratives of indigenous deities of rural Bengal in the social scenario of the Middle Ages.The Mangal Kavyas usually give prominence to a particular deity amalgamated with a Vedic or Hindu mythological god and the nattatives are usually written in form of verses. Manasa Mangal is one of the oldest Mangal-Kavya, which narrates how the snake-god

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TUGHLAQ :Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq works out its protagonist’s progressive allenation both from the society in which he lives in and also at the interpersonal level from the individuals around him. In a 1971 interview, karnad recalls that Tughlaq struck him as “the most idealistic, the most intelligent king ever to come to the throne of  Delhi, indudin the Mughals”, who nevertheless ended as “one of the greatest falures” because of contrucdiction within his

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SAUDAGORER NAUKA : The play is centered on the protagonist “Prasanna” who was a renowned Jatra artist, but had fallen prey to the natural order of decaying time, political conflicts of his fellow artists, and had been antiquated as an artist. He lives in the nostalgia of his past life, when he anjoyed his expression of creativity and received love and fascination of his numerous fans and most importantly he earned money and respect. Prasanna was been cheated by his fellow artists wh

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Workshop on One-Act and Monolouge / Josh Kornbluth / 2004 Workshop on 'Vachika Avinaya' /Bijaylaxmi Barman / 2005 Workshop on Mime / Anjan Deb / 2006 Contemporary Dance / Kastury Chatterjee / Kas



  ‘SANSRITI - 15’ ‘Winkle Twinkle’ / ‘Phataru’ / ‘EA’ / ‘Surjo-pora Chhai’ / / Sansriti / Academy / 2008 ‘SANSRITI - 16’



Keya Chakraborty issue / 1993 Satu Sen issue /  1997 Theatre criticism in the mirror of Bengali Theatre, Part - I / 1997 Theatre criticism in the mirror of Bengali Theatre,Part - II / 2001 T